Polygraphy is a science which makes evaluations which spot variations in four different physiological reactions of the human being to detect deceit; it is based on a scientific method and standardised and validated procedures.

When a person tells a lie, his body consumes more energy, requires more oxygen; he becomes stressed, he sweats, and his blood pressure increases. These  variations are imperceptible to an interviewer or a interrogator; but the polygraph, a medical-scientific instrument which records changes in these physiological reactions in a standardised interview environment, can identify them.

It should be noted that the reliability of the system in itself is very high, but the human factor is what really determines the correct opinion in an appraisal. Pilgrim Security therefore has professional polygraph operators, who are not only trained in the area but are also psychologists. Further, Pilgrim Security is constantly trains and updates the roup of polygraph operators, since their discipline is making advances every day.


Selection, allows:

The hiring of suitable personnel in terms of security.

A check on the truth of information supplied by the candidates.

Taking a correct decision when selecting an officer who meets corporate  ethical guidelines.

Routine or follow up, allows:

Identification of whether employees are complying with corporate directives or not.

Discovery of aspects of organisational climate factors which could affect the performance or targets of the company.

Investigation, allows:

Fair and firm decisions to be taken in the face of an event - usually a crime – inside the company

Identification of authors, participants or collaborators in dishonest acts occurring in the company.