PILGRIM operations centre (COP)

Strategic ally in corporate physical and strategic security programs.


Pilgrim Security has an Operations Centre, designed to act as a strategic ally in corporate physical and strategic security programs, as follows:

  • Analysis of security situations in access roads to client operating areas.

  • Control and monitoring with the identification and follow-up of vehicles used, routes selected, amongst others, for employees or contractors of companies, anywhere in Colombia.

  • Early warning on potential threat factors and risks in access roads to projects or regions.

  • Interlocutors and communications channels between field personnel (monitoring for each movement), and headquarters.

  • Resources and support when an emergency arises, such as loss of communications, accidents, with the generation of a support network (coordination with the authorities), information and coordination to manage personnel in the field.

  • Crisis management.

  • We provide control and attention to security incidents for business vehicle fleets anywhere in Colombia, using satellite location technology on digital maps, and actual information taken by our route analysis team with GPS equipment and communications software, giving a real-time report on location, speed and other important aspects of each service.

The Operations Centre has Operations Coordinators and Security Operators who work round the clock, 365 days a year. They check, feed and monitor software for the management of trips and risk analysis to control the movements of personnel and vehicles.

Communications are handled over local fixed lines in Bogota, with mobile phones, with satellite communication and an Avantel communication system. There is also satellite tracking equipment for vehicles and individuals.