Inteligencia de Negocios

Bussiness Intelligence

The need to open up new markets and obtain partners, and get to know them, offers major opportunities. And there are of course potential risks if intelligence is not applied, or if the essential assessment of risk management is not made. The prevention of risk offers many competitive advantages for your business: if actions are taken with the idea of going more deeply into a given issue, this opens up the scope of awareness when going into any type of negotiation.

An intelligent investigation is the search for previous knowledge, and the prevention of latent risks in the market today, for which reason we focus on the following areas of action:

  • Reputational reports (Due Diligence).

  • Financial fraud.

  • Abuse of intellectual property and improper use of trademarks.

  • Litigation consultants.

  • Location of assets.

  • General investigations.

  • Financial investigations.

  • Frauds.

  • Confirmation and checks on the real existence of a company or person.

  • Prevention of asset-laundering risks.

  • Forensic services (fingerprinting, graphology, voice analysis, etc).

Pilgrim Security covers the Americas to provide clients with a privileged service, with excellent contacts and sources covering the entire region.